R + D + i

We have embarked on the road to the future by making a commitment to R+D+i in order to be more competitive in our sector.

We have undertaken a number of meaningful projects in collaboration with technology centres and clients which will lead to significant technological advances.

These projects provide us with technical know-how and contribute to placing us in the right position within the sector, enabling us to face new challenges.

Ever since the company was founded we have been committed to investing in our own designs. In addition to the financial commitment this entails, it also requires a great deal of patience and a firm commitment to a very high engineering standard.

Our tests are conducted in accordance with international standards and the client's specifications. Our facilities are equipped with the most modern systems for conducting chemical composition tests, metallographic structure tests, hardness, traction, magnetic particle and fatigue tests, all to ensure a high level of flexibility in the design, development and delivery of our products.

We work in close collaboration with our clients and railway companies to offer technical solutions and engineering support.