True to its family origins and deep-rooted technical and scientific principles, the Arruti Group continues to serve as a clear reference for operators in the electricity transmission sector.

By constantly diversifying our product range, we strive to maintain a position of leadership in our sector by guaranteeing impeccable solutions that fully satisfy our clients' needs.

We strive to understand so as to be understood, resolve so as to be useful and respond so as to be just. A desire to offer the very best service is what drives our company and the people behind it, our most valuable asset.

Sharing common values, models and sources, each Business Unit within the Group enjoys the functional independence necessary to develop its own strategies and achieve its own goals. Historically, our timely response to the circumstances is what has set us apart from the rest.

In doing so we have managed to grow the Group's business, make progress, promote people, conduct research and develop new products that have improved the safety and quality of life of people all over the world.