Arruti Groupviews Corporate Responsibility as a management model based on the commitment to operate in an economically efficient and environmentally sustainable way, recognising and integrating the requirements of the different interest groups with which we interact into the approach to our operations.

Lines of action consistent with the Arruti Group's approach to Corporate Responsibility:

•Promoting actions that reduce the environmental impact of our activities and making a firm commitment to sustainable development.

•Providing employees with safe and healthy working conditions and fostering their intellectual and professional development.

•Carefully selecting suppliers in order to offer environmentally friendly, high quality products and services at competitive prices.

•Giving back to the community by creating jobs and wealth.

•Establishing policies for the continuous improvement of our productive processes in order to offer our clients the very highest quality.

•Raising suppliers' and collaborators' awareness of the need to operate in an environmentally friendly way and to implement occupational risk prevention measures.

•Staying in permanent contact with different interest groups to obtain constructive feedback and to learn about their needs and concerns.